The Candle Designed For A Goddess

Light the way with our Goddess Candle, specially crafted to honor and celebrate the divine feminine within us all.

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A little story about Muse

Welcome to Muse, inspired by the Greek goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. Our candles are designed to be both a refillable piece of art and a source of aromatic pleasure. Each candle is handmade and infused with natural aphrodisiacs. They are also a reminder of your own beauty and a celebration of the goddess within. Light one of our candles and let it inspire feelings of love, desire, and appreciation for yourself and those around you.

  • Refill & Reuse

    Never buy another candle again - just refill and enjoy the endless variety of aromas we offer. Sign up now and join our satisfied godddesses

  • The Love Spell

    The added bonus of being infused with natural aphrodisiacs makes these candles the perfect choice for setting a romantic mood.

  • Custom Letter

    Include a personal note with your order for the goddess in your life, or use the special note included with every order. Show your love and appreciation today.